BLOG 17: Back to Class

I didn’t take any photos this day, because we were on campus attending class and finishing up our final projects. We had to go back in time and cover School Culture and then Exporting Japan’s Culture. The book we used in class was on my Amazon wishlist already, because I came across it previously. I’m not sure how I feel about it after having read it though. I kind of feel like the author had a very one sided view of Japan. The author seemed very critical of Japan at times, and only focused on negative opinions vs both.

That aside, with the School Culture, I was very intrigued.I’ve been battling with my dislike for the American school and rather or not to choose homeschooling. When I return home I think I will put it to the test by implementing some things I took away from the Japanese school system in my own home. I’d like to create an at home type of preschool for my littles to see how we like it.

After class a small group of us went to the school cafe to work together on a our projects. It was rough going for most of the night, but eventually we figured out our path and what each of us would do for the presentation. I really enjoyed talking about the Nightingale floors “ninja floors”, and showing off the different architectural designs we found fascinating! It was a lot of fun!

Image result for japanese glass house

I thought this Japanese tree house was very fascinating!!!! I wouldn’t live there, but it is def extremely unique!

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