BLOG 16: Ghibli Museum & Tea Ceremony


The Ghibli Museum was so beautiful! I’ve only ever seen 3 of the Ghibli movies,  but I know about most of the other movies. The museum was like a sweet little slice of heaven, magical and homey. I enjoyed exploring it and looking at all of the concept art, flip art and food inspirations. Back home there are museums kind of like this one up in the Smokey Mountains (Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg) where Jeremy is from. They will turn the building into something that makes you feel like you live in that world (Titanic Museum, Wonderworks and so on).


Honestly, I expected it to look very different than it did. Everything in Japan seems to look detached and a little bit emotionless. I don’t mean that in a bad way, it just is. So, when I noticed how colorful, bright and happy it looked… I immediately loved it!

We were shown a little 15 minute movie, once we made it inside, and these movies change every year. So, every time you visit, there will be a new unique short to watch. My movie was about a little “bug” creature who was born and trying really hard to figure out the world around him. There were no words… just sounds (as seen/heard by this little “bug”).

What I took away from the movie is that, we all have a place in the world… we just have to venture out there, be brave and find it. 🙂

Aside from the movie, there were several other rooms, with different themes that we could wonder through.. one of them talked about the concept art, another about the food used in all of Ghibli’s movies. There was also a garden on the roof! It was raining, so I didn’t venture up there to see it, but my friends showed me pictures. It looked really pretty!

After we came back from Ghibli, we attended a tea ceremony. I had watched this be performed before, but have never been a part of one. I loved it!!! I’ve always been a huge fan of Macha, but never knew how to make it properly. NOW I DO, and I’m so so excited to go home and enjoy my macha now. 🙂

I think it’s very interested how the Japanese move around so much close to the floor. Watching them prepare the tea, the guests seating as well… I do wonder how this works for the elderly (or even young) who have had injuries? I have a bad knee and restless leg syndrome, so it gets uncomfortable for me pretty quickly. I will say that I 100% prefer chairs!

Ghibli museum & Tea Ceremony on PhotoPeach

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