BLOG 15: Japanese Movie Theatre & Shinjuku


On Monday I woke up extra early, because one of my friends had food poisoning (always the Mom). After breakfast, and getting my friend comfy and settled in… I went back to sleep until mid afternoon. I wouldn’t have been able to do that back at home! When I woke up, it was time to do some homework, and then head to the movie theatre. We met up with Hannah and Teipei… and picked up our tickets for DeadPool 2!! We had numbered seats in front of the biggest screen (without it being an imax movie) that I’ve ever seen!

During the movie, there were tons of hilarious parts, that normally I would’ve burst out laughing at… but we quickly realized that no one else was laughing!! WHAT WAS THIS MADNESS!! I felt like I couldn’t truly enjoy my movie properly. Waaaaaaah! It was just very surprising how quiet it was. Back in the US when we enjoy a movie together, laughing as an audience, it feels like comradery. Our friend, Teipei, explained to us though, that Japanese people don’t show emotions, and laughing is an emotion. This seems so odd to me, because I’m very emotional. ;p

After the movie we walked around some with Hannah, because hadn’t really been able to experience Japanese nightlife being stuck in a hospital. I feel like Japan truly comes to life at night! I wasn’t able to enjoy it a lot on this trip, because of our strict curfew, but when I came on my own trip… it was amazing! Japan’s people liven up at night. The atmosphere is so happy, and everyone is having fun, when they aren’t worried about work. They are just enjoying life. Japanese people are some of the nicest, and most friendly people I’ve been around during my travels!

After Hannah headed back to her dorm, we grabbed some food and retired for the night!


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