BLOG #14  やった:Loooong Trip to YMCA, Food & Fun

YMCA Yukata


We woke up and started to make our way to the YMCA. We had to store our luggage in Sensei’s room at the dorm, and take our essentials. The train rides were interesting with all of us holding our luggage. The last time I visited Japan though, I was carrying around a lot more… so it wasn’t too bad. 😉 We finally made it to the hotel and I was in high spirits, because we were staying in an area that I was very familiar with and knew there were several fun things to do around Suido-bashi!! It was nostalgic to be there again.

After we got settled in, we headed out for food, and I ate at an amazing Singapore restaurant. At this point, I’m very comfortable eating at Japanese restaurants, and can mostly figure out what I’m ordering and how to order it! So, progress!! 😀


Eat and then shop! I hunted down a JUMP! store for everyone and we shopped there for a bit, stopped and found out the information for the theme park. The prices were different from day time to night time. it was actually cheaper at night, which I found so strange! It didn’t look very busy during the day, but I remember it swarming with people at night when I attended two years ago.


I really love the Suido-bashi area and hope to return to it in the future! I will probably sight-see there when I bring my kids back. It’ll be exciting and very special. ❤

Akihabara!! Japanese Anime District on PhotoPeach

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