BLOG #13 @ The Toshiba Museum


On Thursday we visited the Toshiba Science Museum and visited with Hannah in the Hospital. It was a decently calm day, because we just spent most of it traveling. Toshiba was interesting. It made me think a lot about my kids though. I knew they’d love it there if they were with me, and it’s harder and harder not to think about them constantly. If I’m being honest, this was the day I realized that I am ready to go home. I’m still making sure I enjoy everything as much as possible and be thankful for the remaining time that I have left here in Japan, but I miss my family so much.

I’m a goofy, honest and sometimes temperamental person… it’s becoming difficult to hold all of my emotions and feelings in check. When you’re around family, you can just be yourself (rather your hangry, annoyed, sad…) and I really miss my support system back home. BUUUUT, that aside, I did enjoy playing games at Toshiba and watching the old skool robots do their thing. They would start moving whenever a teacup was placed on their plate, and then stop when the teacup was removed. 🙂

I did get hung up playing this great elevator game, and I think that’s the only one I played a whole lot of. I was ready to commit hours to beating the highest score! I took several videos that I shared on Facebook of different live experiments we were able to watch during our Toshiba tour.

Obviously though, visiting Hannah was the highlight of my day! She was the one person in the group that I had grown the fondest of, so seeing her doing well def eased a lot of my worry.

I’m impatient to get to stay in Tokyo!!!!! yaaaaay! Young life/japanese culture/anime related places is one main reason people come to Japan these days. I’m excited! The last time I was here, I loved the Suidobashi area so so much. It’s a lot of fun, and I’m feeling like we could all use some of that. 😉

Toshiba Science Museum on PhotoPeach

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