BLOG #11: And then Tuesday happened…

I’m not gonna lie, Tuesday was kind of an awful day. I woke up late, because I still didn’t have a phone… so there was no alarm to wake me. I was in an awful mood because I was tired of not being able to talk with my family whenever I wanted to, or take all of the videos I had planned on taking while here. I tried to breath and headed to class, without breakfast. Hannah, the person I’ve gotten closest to while on the trip so far, wasn’t feeling well. Her side was really hurting her, and by the time we carried her to class… she was in tears. I was very worried!!

I told her to curl up into a fetal position on the floor, because I had been through similar pain when the cyst in my ovary ruptured when I was in my early 20’s. Sensei ended up calling her an ambulance and they carried her off to the hospital. We continued our day as planned, without Sensei Ananth, and we were all so so worried. It was not a good day.


We did get to take a Zen meditation class, which I really really enjoyed!! It helped calm me down, and refocus my attention/energy. We sat in the position taught to us, legs folded, hands resting near our belly buttons, eyes cast downward… and were lead by the Zen Master for a 20 min meditation.

After that, we sat at traditional Japanese style tables, cushions underneath our legs, and wrote the same phrase over and over again, in Kanji. We were told it said something to the effect of: let go of attachment and detach yourself to reach a higher state of being and fulfillment.

When Zen class was finished, we headed back to the dorm and relaxed by watching the anime called ‘Your Name’. It was a much needed escape from the events of the day!!! Hannah is doing well now (2 days later, as I’m writing this), and we are heading to stay at a hotel in Tokyo tomorrow morning. Sensei will be staying with Hannah-san.

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