Day 8 七転び八起き: Work Culture


Work culture in Japan (quite frankly), is much different than anywhere in the entire rest of the world! There are many nuances and cultural traditions/expectations that anyone outside of Japan can mess up. It’s pretty terrifying, if you ask me. I’m doing good, on a normal day, if I can remember to take care of myself… much less exchange business cards the correct way, wait until my boss leaves to go home before leaving work, never be late… the list goes on forever!

It was a little disheartening to learn about the Japanese work culture, because I really would love to come and teach elementary school for a year or two (with my family here as well). I could maybe put up with the strict work standards for a a little while, but it would def be very stressful for me. Especially since I deal with anxiety and such. I just love Japan so much, that it may be worth it. It’ll be something I’ll have to continue to think over while I’m waiting to graduate in the future from MTSU. Who knows what the future holds. 😉 I know Jeremy really really wants to move here so much! He’s one of the main reasons I keep trying to work so hard toward my goals! He’s a great motivator. ❤

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