BLOG #4: Dr Sumo & Traditional Dinner


This was a pretty low key day!! We talked about popular Japanese sports in our morning class. It was interesting learning about the view of western sports in the past, VS how ridiculously popular they are now. After our morning class, we took a break for lunch (except my phone died in a bad way… so I was busy having a break down). Don’t worry, Jeremy-sama is sending me a new phone though!! ;D

Our next class focused solely on Sumo wrestling, and we had a nice lady named Dr. Sumo (yes, this is a nickname), come talk to us about Sumo wrestling! I learnt a lot about how, and why they do certain things while the Sumo match is going on. It is greatly linked to the Shinto religion in the Japanese culture, and learning about religious aspects was very intriguing to me!



In the evening we headed out to a nice restaurant on campus for a traditional Japanese dinner! I ate a lot of strange things, but most of it was quite tasty. 🙂 And thus ends the beauty of my 4th day in Tokyo, Japan!!! さようなら 。

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